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STEM Tours


These tours are conducted visits to engineering structures such as bridges, flyovers, cuttings, embankments, retaining walls, surface and underground excavations, and buildings both ancient and modern, and will study the science, technology, engineering and maths involved in their design, construction and maintenance.

Each visit will be to a single such structure and last approximately 90 mins providing an opportunity for those attending to ask questions of a technical nature and to enquire further about the education and qualifications needed for a career in these subjects.

Many of these visits will be outside and require clothing appropriate for the weather. There will be no climbing or scrambling involved and most of the structures will be viewed from the public highway.

Explanatory leaflets will be provided but you are encouraged to bring a note book and pencils suitable for sketching as technical details will be pointed out that can be noted, giving you an opportunity to practice the skill of recording on site and highlighting the difference between a photograph and a technical sketch.

The tours will help you appreciate the plethora of decisions based on STEM that have to be made to complete an engineering structure and may result in you never looking at an engineering structure again without recognising the skills that have been employed in its design and construction.


Dates and other details for such tours can be seen on the home page. Bookings can also be made through this calendar.

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