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Company Visits

A company visit with a difference

The purpose of these trips is two-fold.

  1. To help you appreciate what the company working with STEM actually does, how they work, the problems they solve using STEM, the environment in which the company works (indoors, outdoors, office, lab etc), and to meet one or more employees to hear about their education/training, what their career contains as a professional, and their prospects. 
  2. To provide you with an opportunity to appreciate the value of soft skills by understanding how the company expects their employees to treat each other, their clients, society at large and the company itself, and by learning what a company seeks from your cv, (e.g. education, interests and leadership) and what they will be looking for during an interview, (e.g. respect and a desire to learn, to develop and to deliver on time). 

A typical visit will last for two hours.

First Steps will prepare you for the visit with a questionnaire drawing your attention to both the hard and soft skills you could offer an employer.

First Steps will also debrief you to consolidate your experience with a follow-up questionnaire after your visit, to help clarify your views on a career you may find satisfying and the education/training it requires. 

You will receive a Certificate of Completion on fully answering both questionnaires.  

Dates and other details for these events can be seen on the home page. Bookings can also be made through this calendar.

NOTE: some companies specify a minimum age for visitors; please check when booking.

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