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Here is a tool to help understand and engage with those you tutor; the MBTI (Myer-Briggs Type Indicator) – the “tool” of choice you may have been looking for.

The work on this "tool" started in 1914, and has continued since then. Today it is the most widely used tool by organisations of all sorts (industry, charities, colleges etc) because it helps you understand yourself and your style of communication. Being a tutor and knowing your “type” will allow you to engage with your pupils in the most engaging way, and if you know their “type” too the effectiveness of your communication will be better still.

Individuals react differently to different teaching styles and by optimising your style to accord with those of your pupils, your chances of success are optimised too.

Myer and Briggs were an American mother and daughter “team” who based their studies on the work of the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. They found that every person will be one of 16 possible “personality types”.  Each “type” has its strengths and weaknesses ( = blind spots) and so each personality type has a preferred learning style for best results. This does not exclude the application of other techniques but if the way you learn is left to you then you will revert to the way you find best – and that links to your “personality type”.

To learn more about this and the service we provide see the green box to the right.

The interactive conversation required to establish your personality type and to learn more about different styles of engagement with other types takes about 90+ minutes and costs £120.


"Christine is very knowledgeable and passionate about MBTI. She takes time and attention to understand you as best as possible to make sure the results are the most informative. Christine also helped clarify what extroversion, sensing, thinking, judging means according to MBTI. Overall, I have a much clearer understanding of this way of personality profiling and can apply learnings with greater confidence. I make sure to teach a concept in different ways to engage more students." Sophie Bulloch


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