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16+ years old

Confirming an MBTI Type (Myer-Briggs Type Indicator) at this age will support you in

  • learning more about yourself and those close to you
  • recognising those who will think and behave very similarly to yourself and those who are very different from yourself (this should give you self confidence in your own abilities)
  • avoiding conflict more readily
  • finding a career that suits you and which should help you to a fulfilled professional life
  • carrying this knowledge forward into adulthood and thus an appreciation how to make the most of yourself.

 A session providing the above can be offered either

  • just to you, or
  • to you and a friend or sibling, if the two of you are prepared to come and be coached together.

The interactive conversation required to establish your type will last for about 60 minutes and costs £99 (the price is the same for one or two participants being coached).

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