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Writing CVs

How do you write a CV when you feel you have nothing to say?

There is a lot of free advice on the web and there are companies that can help you write both your CV and your covering letter. Be careful not to use their formulaic texts on how good you are at timekeeping and how committed you are etc – that’s expected. I have seen a lot of CVs while First Steps acted as an employment agency and after a while one CV looks very much like another, especially as these standard bits of text are nearly identical.

Remember, employers are looking for individuals, i.e. who you are, what you have done so far and the talents you can bring to them. So, it is important to target your CV and covering letter to the position you are trying to secure. Let the company discover “you” the person and be pleased that they have found you!

Writing your CV and your covering letter “properly” is important as it is akin to your business card. First impressions are very important and may well decide if you get to the interview stage or not. So, make sure your spelling is correct, your grammar is not ambiguous and that the dates and other facts given are accurate. It helps greatly to also attach an attractive picture of yourself although that is of course as matter for personal choice.  If submitting your papers by post, then use the best quality paper you can afford.

Finally, do not be discouraged by not getting a reply.

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