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Personality Types

Finding out about your personality profile based on the Meyer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) allows you among other things to tap into a wealth of research on "types" and their characteristics in different settings.

This research started with Carl Jung (1875 - 1961), a Swiss psychologist, and was expanded by an American mother daughter team (Katherine Briggs (1875–1968) and Isabel Myers (1897 - 1980)). The research into this indicator is ongoing and today the MBTI is the most used instrument in the world.

An MBTI practitioner helps you find your "Type" and helps you answer questions you might have had at the beginning of the type conversation, e.g.

  • Valuing diversity in working styles
  • Considering teams and different "types"
  • Improving communications
  • and much more.

 I hope that you will find what you are looking for in this section.


Some references:

"Christine took me through the results of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for both Step 1 and 11 in a well- paced but patient and methodical way! The feedback was useful in not only confirming what I myself thought from undertaking the surveys but also made me think of how I interact with others in the workplace and in team meetings. A better understanding of self can help to foster better working relationships generally and boost personal effectiveness both in the workplace and in personal life. A highly recommended exercise!" Susan Shaw, LB Richmond

"Christine is very knowledgeable and passionate about MBTI. She takes time and attention to understand you as best as possible to make sure the results are the most informative. Christine also helped clarify what extroversion, sensing, thinking, judging means according to MBTI. Overall, I have a much clearer understanding of this way of personality profiling and can apply learnings with greater confidence. I make sure to teach a concept in different ways to engage more students." Sophie Bulloch

"Christine manages to combine seriousness about her purpose and confidence in her skills with a friendly and encouraging manner. This puts her interviewees at ease and gives them space to reflect on their answers: it’s a worthwhile process helping to meet the challenges of the modern world." Dr C. Bowden


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